Introducing Hello Rewards!

Introducing Hello Rewards!

Shopping Second-Hand & Small Business is not only fun at Hello Art Hatchery, it's also rewarding! When you sign up for our loyalty program, you'll earn 5% in-store cash back on every purchase you make and every donation you give.

How to Sign Up

It's super easy to use! Get started by clicking the Rewards button in the lower right-hand corner. Enter your name, email address, and password to enroll. If you don't already have an account with us, you'll receive an opt-in/verification email. Once you confirm your account, you'll earn 100 points just for signing up!

Pro Tip: Make sure to follow through with the final opt-in step via email to activate your account and earn your points!

Ways to Earn Points

Earn points every time you shop or donate! When shopping online, sign into the rewards panel before you check out. When in-store or donating, we'll ask for your name or email address and take care of everything for you! Just make sure you enroll now so we can connect to your account!

Earn 100 points for signing up
Earn 50 for following us on Instagram
Earn 50 for following us on Facebook
Earn 5 for every $1 spent or donated (equal to 5% cash back)
Earn a minimum of 50 points for every supply donation you make*

How to Use Your Points

One hundred points are equal to $1. You can start redeeming at 500 points and build up to 2,000 points.

500 points earns you a $5 store credit
1000 points earns you a $10 store credit
1500 points earns you a $15 store credit
2000 points earns you a $20 store credit

When you have 500 points or more, you can cash out your points for a discount code to use at checkout, or we can apply your points to your in-store purchase. 

How to Check Your Point Balance

Log into the Rewards panel to see how many points you have. If you scroll down and click "Activity," you can see how your points were earned.

Ready to start earning 5% cash back? Sign up Now!


*Donation Fine Print: Rewards program points for customer donations are determined by the size and overall value of your donation and are at the owners' discretion. A rough estimate is 5 points for every dollar donated (5% back) and we almost always resell at 30-50% of retail costs, or less for items that aren't in high-demand. 


Step by Step: How to Redeem Your Points

  1. Go to our website:
  2. Click the yellow Rewards icon in the lower right-hand corner.
  3. Click the "Sign In" link (under the Join Now button).
  4. Signing in will log you into our website, where you can see your past transactions.
  5. Click the yellow Rewards icon again, and your points and rewards will now show!
  6. Click the "Your Rewards" box at the top and click the reward you've earned (e.g., "500 points for $5") to get your custom discount code.
  7. Enter that custom discount code the next time you order, and the reward will is from your purchase!
  8. Your rewards can also be redeemed in-store at checkout without a code. 

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