Greater Madison's First Creative Reuse Center!

Hello Art Hatchery is Madison's first Creative Reuse Center! We accept clean, reusable art and craft materials from individuals and businesses and keep them out of the landfill by selling them online. Our art supplies are affordable, unique, and often vintage. Our inventory is ever changing! 

Accepting donations allows us to: 1) Keep reusable items out of the landfill. 2) Support community access to affordable art supplies. 3) Pay it forward as we make regular material donations to local non-profits and provide special discounts and opportunities for teachers and working artists.  

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This little shop is the first step to what I hope will be a much larger journey as I slowly transition from a professional career as a designer/marketer into an encore/retirement career as a shop owner.

The donated and new items I sell online and in-store allow me to pay it forward and donate proceeds and materials to local charities in support of the arts. As we grow, I hope to mix in some classes and workshops, create a recycling center for art materiasl, offer equipment rentals, a gallery space, and potentially studio space. Long-term, I hope to turn Hello Art Hatchery into a community-supported 501(c)(3) non-profit, so our mission carries on long past my time.

I hope you enjoy this space and the potential of these materials we sell as much as I do. Make sure to drop your email address in our mailing list sign-up form in the footer and follow along on our journey!

Hello Art Hatchery's Owner
Jenny Oppriecht, Owner


  • Mission

    We encourage the community to #sayhellotoart by advancing the idea that making art is an act of self-care, requiring no training or innate talent. We encourage participation by providing affordable supplies and ideas.

  • Vision

    We imagine a world where creating art is commonplace, where the vast majority of our extended community sees art-making as an act of necessary self-care, and where art and art-making are both approachable and accessible.

  • Values

    Our values are centered on the benefits of making art, on supply accessibility, and environmental stewardship. We foster a no-shame, novices welcome environment that inspires creativity and makes engaging with art safe, fun, and relaxing.

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