Yarn Sushi – Our DIY Second Hand Weaving Kits

Yarn Sushi – Our DIY Second Hand Weaving Kits

Specialty yarn, yarn remnants, and single skeins come into the shop nearly every week. Since most patterns call for multiple skeins of yarn, it can be tricky to find a new home for these "scraps" of yarn. 

Luckily, they are perfect for simple weaving projects! Our new "Yarn Sushi" includes 7 to 11 balls of yarn on a small sustainable tray that can easily be converted to a loom! (Instructions are included.)

Yarn Sushi        

Simply mark and cut your tabs, string your weft, and start adding your weave. Or, if you're an experienced fiber artist you can use our Yarn Sushi for any project that calls for multiple weights, tones, and textures. 

Each kit is priced between $6 to $10, depending on the fibers that are included, and all of the yarn included is second hand. Plus, when the tray loom wears out, it can be composted! 

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