We Now Carry Cambridge Imprint Papers, Imported from the UK

We Now Carry Cambridge Imprint Papers, Imported from the UK

Over the holidays, I was searching for paper star patterns for our Christmas tree when I found a Pinterest pin leading me to Cambridge Imprint, a small paper-making business in Cambridge, England.

I have been a graphic designer officially and in some form my entire professional life. My medium of choice is always paper, and this paper is something to be celebrated – they stand out not only in product design but also in how they operate. 

High Design and Strong Ethics

Cambridge Imprint is known for their beautiful colors, joyful illustration and typography, lively, hand-drawn aesthetic, and meticulous attention to detail. The company strives for authenticity, using traditional hands-on processes to create their unique, homespun designs.

They also have strong ethical and environmental standards. Their matte uncoated stock is entirely recyclable and biodegradable, and the environmentally friendly inks they use are vegetable oil-based inks that are hand-mixed. 

The stock they print on has Forest Stewardship Council certification, which means it is produced from sustainable sources. The printer they've partnered with is equally committed to sustainable processes. Cambridge Imprint also takes special care to avoid plastic and waste in their packaging and shipping.

Product Line

Cambridge Imprint carries patterned paper by the sheet, as small sheets in boxes, craft kits, notebooks, writing papers, and envelopes. They also have stationery shop supplies like greeting cards, ribbons, printing blocks, and gift boxes. 

At this time, Hello Art Hatchery carries their special paper small boxes and craft kits. We hope to carry more of their line in the future, but the mixed boxes allowed us to get the most patterns in the shop at once. 

Click here to see all of the Cambridge Imprint paper products Hello Art Hatchery carries and order your favorites today! 


Photo Credit: Cambridge Imprint

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