Old Stamps Are the Best Stamps

Old Stamps Are the Best Stamps

One of the first donations I received contained HUNDREDS of cancelled postage stamps. The kicker was, the majority of these old stamps were on paper backing. I spent a few days feeing these stamps from their paper and sorting them by category. 

postage stamps

Clearly my love of rescuing old things is stronger then my love of turning a profit – this work took me a least 8 hours to do. But, it was worth it and a handful of people have already scooped up the fruits of my labor. 

If you too get a charge out of old cancelled stamps and would like a stash for your supply cabinet, head over to the shop and pick up a bag for $2-$4: https://bit.ly/3w3gs9u


Here are 18 Ideas for How to Use Old Stamps in New Projects

1. Make tiny stamp houses.

Tiny stamp houses
Source: Etsy seller Heather Donohue

2. Use them as color and texture behind a custom cut mat.

London mat with stamps
Source: Etsy seller Factory 57

3. Frame them as the works of art they are.

Framed stamps print
Source: Society 6/Pack and Post

4. Dress up common household items, like these magazine sorters.

Magazine sorter

Source: Julie Kirk

5. Turn them into glass magnets.

stamp magnets
Source: Etsy Shop CrowBiz

6. Update the look of your favorite planner or notebook.

Notebook cover
Source: Cintia of My Poppet Makers

7. Use them to make seasonal gift tags.

Gift tages
Source: Claire with PillowBox Blue

8. Create a colorful monogram.

Monogram with stamps
Source: JewelPie

9. Turn them into a mixed media masterpiece

Art from Stamps
Source: Tofu's blog post 

10. Create a whimsical piece of mixed media art

Unicorn from stamps
Source: Rachel Markwick

11. Use them as part of ephemera to add color and texture to a painting. 

Painting of bird over water
Source: Geninne's Art Blog

12. Save yourself the hassle of having to paint a face! 

Source: Postage Stamp Collage, Calm Magazine
13. Make artist trading cards and use them to show the whole scene
Artist Trading Card
Source: Pinterest

14. Make some mail art, Griffin and Sabine style! 

Postcard art
Source: Danisart blog

15. Use them for dimensional collage.

Collage art
Source: Artist Stephanie Rubiano

16. Use them as your canvas. 

James Mercer Langston Hughes Art Print
Source: Artist Everett Spruill

17. Include them in your home decor, as a floor mosaic

Floor mosaic of stamps
Source: Artist Elisabetta Di Maggio, Colossal

18. Create large scale works of pattern and color

Jordan Scott artwork
Source: Artist Jordan Scott


I hope you're feeling inspired by all of these options! Cancelled postage stamps have little to no value outside of being reused for creative projects. You can pick them up online for a small fee, including at Hello Art Hatchery! 

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