How to Support Local Madison Artists (Dane County too!)

How to Support Local Madison Artists (Dane County too!)

Thousands of local Madison artists need their community’s support, but it isn't always easy to find ways to buy work from emerging artists. For every one artist with gallery representation, there are likely five hundred who are looking for ways to have their art seen, appreciated, and sold so they can create full-time.

While the Internet has made it easier for local Madison artists to get exposure, it's also a very crowded space, and on-screen viewings are not nearly as impactful as seeing a work of art in person.

Below is the most complete list we could find of ways you can find local Madison artists to lend them your support: you can buy their art, follow, like, and share on social media, and attend their openings and memorable nights.

Here are four ways to find local Madison artists:

Abel Gallery Inside

Photo Source: Abel Gallery in Stoughton, Wisconsin

1. Madison WI Art Galleries & Studios, and throughout Dane County

Madison is not blessed with a central district of art galleries like some cities, but we do have plenty of stellar locations that can be enjoyed in a more piecemeal fashion.

Abel Contemporary Gallery –

Commonwealth Gallery – 

Edgewood College Gallery –

fine•earth Gallery –

Green Road Pottery –

Hatch Art House –

Higher Fire Clay Studio –

HYART Gallery –

James Watrous Gallery –

Janus Galleries –

Marzen Gallery/Integrated Art Group –

Milward Farrell Fine Art –

Overture Galleries –

Talbot Gallery 2118 –

The Garver Gallery –

Woodland Studios –

 Mount Horeb Art Fair

Photo Source: Mount Horeb Chamber, Art Fair

2. Art Shows & Fairs in Madison, WI and Dane County

There are also fantastic art shows to enjoy in Madison each summer – like the Art Fair on the Square and the Agora Art Fair in Fitchburg. 

Art Fair off the Square –

Art Fair on the Square –

Dane Arts Art Market –

Earth Wood & Fire Artist Tour -

Fitchburg Agora Art Fair –

Mount Horeb Art Fair –

Black Arts Matter –

Winter Art Fair off the Square –

Wisconsin Regional Art Program –


MMOCA Gallery Night

Photo Source: MMoCA Gallery Night

3. Art Walks & Gallery Nights in Madison WI and Southern Wisconsin

Smaller communities like Mount Horeb and Stoughton also have Gallery Nights, as does Madison, which is hosted in many communities throughout the city. 

Marquette and Atwood Neighborhoods Art Walk –

MMoCA Gallery Night –

Fall Art Tour: Spring Green, Dodgeville, Baraboo & Mineral Point –

Art Walk Middleton –

Art Walk Stoughton –


4. Directories of Local Madison Artists and the greater area

Perhaps the best way to support local artists is to buy from them directly. Below are a few directories of artists with links to their personal websites. 

Arts for All Wisconsin –

Dane Arts Calendar –

Madison Art Guild –

Mount Horeb Area Arts Association –

Portal Wisconsin –

If you know of a gallery, art show, gallery night, or directory that I’ve missed, please comment or message me at, and we’ll add it to the list! 


Association of Wisconsin Artists
Exhibit Feb 27-April 2, 2022
Pyle Center
Also Exhibit there August-September every year

Leslee Nelson

Hi Jenny, you might want to consider the Wisconsin Arts Board. I think they have a gallery. Also they were part of There was a list of artists and their work. Probably outdated now but still a LOT of Wisconsin artists represented. Highly recommend that you contact George Tzougros (tz-u-gros) Better, call him, 608-267-2006. Tell him what you are doing. Bet he would write you up in his daily arts news email. A very nice, smart, kind man who has made an unfathomable difference in the Wisconsin arts world. Yep, he walks on water. Tell him I sent you. He will also love that you did this list. They used to do a list of all events in a year, think funding got cut for that. Also Cambridge WI has an Earth, Wood and Fire show. Fall I think. Talented group of potters in Jefferson County. Many thanks! Your fan, Ann

Ann Engelman

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