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A Dozen Art Studios That Will Make You Wish You Had a Different Life

There is nothing more inspiring and, if we're honest, jealousy-inducing than another artist's beautiful workspace. In my other life, I'd be messier, or more organized, collect more materials...or maybe it just comes down to having more money. 

Regardless, every creator is happy that places like this exist in the world and that these people are part of our tribe. I hope you find inspiration and joy as you take a peek at A Dozen Art Studios That Will Make You Wish You Had a Different Life. 

County Living Home of Year 2012

Photographer: Max KimBee

1. House of the Year, 2012 – Country Living

This space was designed for a couple who work together in their small studio space as part of Country Living's House of the Year in 2012. I love the color palette and the books at the top of the cabinets. This room is stunning. Is it weird my favorite feature is the roll of kraft paper? 

Virginia Johnson Studio

Photographer: Alex Lukey

2. Virginia Johnson's Studio

Textile and home goods artist, Virginia Johnson, has one of those studios that feels effortless. I love the blended styles and the simplicity of this space. Where you just put together the things you need with no thought, and the room is naturally gorgeous. Plus, it's in her backyard, which I love!

3. Meri Cherry's Studio Shop

Did you ever notice some people seem to have a color palette all their own? Meri Cherry is out there living her best life, and I'm here to cheer her on. Her creativity is BURSTING forth, and she's sharing it with her community. I love everything about her home studio and new studio shop, but her use of yellow sends me!

Photographer: Sibila Savage

4. Mari Andrew's Studio

This space is jaw-dropping. I want to touch all of it! The number of natural materials, the color palette, the mix of textures, and the workspace itself are so inspiring – it makes me feel like any creation or combination is possible here if you start playing. 

Claire Basler Studio

Photo Source: Elle Decor

5. Claire Basler's Studio

I appreciate french county style, but it's usually not envy-inducing for me. This space, however – literal trees are growing in Ms. Basler's studio! I love the industrial/romantic blend. She also fills her home and studio rooms with large bunches of flowers daily.

Photographer: Joanna Maclennan

6. Nathalie Lété's Studio

This level of personal style and dedication to one's aesthetic is so inspiring. It's a level of self-assuredness that I long to possess. With its rich colors, whimsy, and folk fun, this space inspires me to find my style.

Martin O’Neill Studio

Photographer: Alun Callender

7. Martin O'Neill's Studio

This level of collage is creative reuse at its best! This eclectic, vintage-filled space has the perfect blend of chaos and organization for me. Like you can find what you need but also stumble across a happy minor accident while creating.

Oliver Jeffers Studio

Photographer: Jake Green

8. Oliver Jeffers Studio

This studio space has a little bit of everything I love, but it feels manageable and more like a workbench for a craftsman. It's eclectic, vintage, and open – everything you need is right at your fingertips. 

9. Brian Phillip's Studio

Since this photo was taken, scrap wood artist Brian Phillip has ungraded his studio, and the new space is even better. Still, I think starting out in a backyard shipping container is genius...for someone who lives in a warmer climate than I do! 

carolina arevalo studio


10. Carolina Arevalo's Studio

One of the best things about this space is that the artist has a stash of floor cushions and frequently invites friends over for a studio night. I love her style and the delicate nature of this space. It has a spiritual quality to it. 

Jessica Bloom studio

Photographer: Annette O’Brien

11. Jessica Bloom's Studio

This is another space where you feel like the artist has an effortless style that just comes together. I love the industrial feel and how warm she has made the space. This light and bright space are gorgeous.

Hope Kroll Studio

12. Hope Kroll's Studio

The artist and her husband renovated a barn into this studio. It has a 1950's flavor to it. I love the rich color palette, the delightful level of tidiness, and the subtle playfulness of the space. 

I hope you enjoyed these spaces as much as I did! Each artist is doing incredible work, so make sure to click the links to see what they are making in their studio.

The space that feels most like me is Carolina Arevalo's studio. How about you? Drop your favorite in the comments below! 

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